Commission Information

A Bridal Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 20"X24"

A Bridal Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 20"X24"


How does it work...

Do you see a work of art in my gallery or shop that you really love, but you wish a few things were different?  You you like my style, but want a special size?  All of these things mean you are a perfect candidate for a commission.

We will communicate by email (or phone) about what you are looking for in a work of art.  We will talk color scheme, size, and subject matter.  We will also talk about my commissions calendar since I take a limited number of commissions each month.  We will also talk price.  I require a 50% deposit before I will purchase the canvas and start the painting.   I will request this deposit as soon as possible to reserve your spot on the commissions calendar.