About the Artist...

Just me.

Just me.


About the Artist

Amy is a wife and mother living in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She stays very busy teaching Art Appreciation, painting images of the beach life, and chasing a toddler in the sand.  


Artist Statement 

In most of my art I aim to capture the swirling freedom felt when gazing into a beautiful sky or crashing ocean.  I am inspired by nature but like to focus on its beautiful, soft, feminine bits.  I started this particular artistic journey while commuting back and forth from Columbia, SC to Myrtle Beach.  My husband and I were trying to make the move to full time beach living, but I was stuck with a long commute for a year.  I began to really enjoy the drive each morning.  There was always a beautiful sky that was seemingly sent just for me!  Trust me there is nothing else to look at on the drive.  I also had time to really daydream about the sea we were so desperately trying to get to.  These two things: the sky and the sea became my greatest inspiration. 

My style had been fairly naturalistic for many years and while I admired more abstract painters I struggled to execute abstract painting to my satisfaction.  I decided to participate in a group challenge known as the 100 Days Project where artists were challenged to create something everyday for 100 days.  I chose to focus on abstracted sea and sky.  It was an amazing journey and I grew so much in those 100 days, HOWEVER, I felt pulled in so many directions and found myself trying to paint like so many artists I saw and admired.  Finally, through three years of steady and consistent painting I feel like I have found my own voice.  My newest series of waves  certainly leans closer to the naturalistic, but still allows for some loose, creative brushwork.  I want the viewer to fall deep into the painting and swim around in it enjoying every playful brushstroke.  I also want to show the character of the water as both powerful and delicate.



Exhibition History

Juried Art Exhibition:

William Miller Gallery, Miniatures Show, 2017

                Winner of Collector’s Choice Award – Cash Award

William Miller Gallery, The Forgery Show, 2016

Trenholm Artists Guild Members Show 2014, Columbia, SC

Color the Arts 2014, Richland County Arts Council, Columbia, SC

ArtFields Art Competition 2014, Lake City, SC

Book Arts Exhibition 2007, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

Undergraduate Foundations Exhibition 2004, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC